The Southern Counties’ Professional Wills & Trust Writing Services.


People put off making a Will for a variety of reasons, either believing that the people they would wish to inherit will automatically do so, or because they don't think......more


You die, you leave everything to your partner/spouse and they eventually enter into a new relationship and subsequently get married. They then die themselves and everything of theirs then passes to the new spouse......more


A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives your chosen representative the legal authority to take care of your financial affairs or make decisions regarding your health and welfare if you are unable to yourself.....more


Concerned about your property being sold to fund your future care fees? It is sole and absolute ownership that enables a property to be taken into consideration as an asset by the local authority to be sold to fund care.....more

The Southern Counties’ Professional Wills & Trust Writing Services

Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd specialise in the complete protection of all of your assets both during your lifetime and after your death.

Our trusted and highly qualified team are dedicated to listening to you and then guiding you in the compilation of some of the most important documents that you will ever sign.

Whether you are single, married, in a civil partnership or just living together you should seriously consider the following questions;

If you don’t currently have a will
.....We are The Southern Counties’ premier Will writers

And you should contemplate these points

  • Do you have children under the age of 18 - where will they live if you don’t specify your wishes in a Will?
  • Is your property in joint names – if not who will inherit your home if the legal owner dies without a Will?
    (see our page on ‘what happens if you die without a Will’)
  • How would your partner survive if you died?
  • Who stands to benefit most if you die without a will? (see our page on ‘what happens if you die without a Will’) – is this who you would choose?
  • Did you know that even if you are married or in a civil partnership, if you don’t have a Will, you will NOT automatically inherit all of your spouse's estate – in some cases you will only get the first £250,000 and a life interest in the remainder.

If you don’t currently have any assets placed in Trust
....We are The Southern Counties’ leading Wills & Trust advisors

And you should contemplate these points

  • What would happen if your children divorced or were made bankrupt after inheriting your estate?
  • Would you like to protect their inheritance against being lost or significantly reduced if one of these things happened?
  • If you die and your partner re-marries and then dies themselves – is your children’s inheritance protected?
  • Is your life insurance in trust for the person you want it to go to or will it go into your estate and potentially be liable for inheritance tax at 40%?
  • If you or your partner requires long term residential care will you be forced to sell your home to pay for it?


Should you or your partner lose mental capacity
.....We are The Southern Counties’ specialists for Lasting Power of Attorney

And you should contemplate these points

  • Do you assume you will automatically be granted Power of attorney for your partner should they lose mental capacity?
  • Do you know that even if you are married you will not get Power of Attorney automatically granted to you?
  • If you live alone who would you like to make decisions regarding your welfare if needed?
  • Do you want your affairs to be controlled by the court of protection.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney has to be granted by yourself while you have full mental capacity, it cannot be taken or assumed if you lose it – at that stage it is too late.
  • What impact would being forced to attend court to ask for the permission of a total stranger to conduct your private family affairs have upon the quality of life of yourself and your loved ones?


Do you currently have anything to take care of your funeral
.....We are The Southern Counties’ first choice for pre-paid funeral plans.

And you should contemplate these points

  • The average cost of a funeral is currently nearly £7000.
  • This is something that would usually need to be paid for well before any legacies that you may leave would have been disbursed often putting significant financial pressure upon your loved ones.
  • Funeral prices have risen over 40% in the last 5 years and the trend is not slowing.
  • You can prevent all the uncertainty and guarantee that all your funeral expenses will be taken care of when the time comes by simply choosing the plan that’s right for you today.


If any of the above concern you then we strongly recommend you call us today and start the process of putting all your affairs in order – your family WILL be glad that you did.

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