The Tories are back in and your home could be at risk if you need care in the future

So the reality is we DO have a new Conservative Government albeit propped up by the Ulster Unionists

While many will blame things like the ‘’Dementia Tax’’ for Theresa May not gaining a majority the truth is the issue around the funding for Social Care is:

Still with us 

Still on the table

And still needs to be resolved

We are all living longer and as attractive as the idea of free care in our old age is – it is a fantasy as the money for it must be found from somewhere (in the absence of a magical money tree suddenly appearing of course!)

So it is inevitable that one way or another we will ALL have to contribute towards our care fees in older age and those with properties will undoubtedly have to use them one way or another to contribute – meaning they will not be there to pass onto our children

This will be true WHICHEVER party is in control – this ticking time bomb is not going to suddenly disappear

So we urge everyone with a property to do that which we have been promoting for the last 7 years


So long as the Trust is set up legally and you are not deliberately depriving yourself of the asset if you have already been diagnosed with dementia for example  - IT WILL SUCCEED 

Sort YOUR protection out now while you can – AND BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

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