Alternative dispute resolution

In the case of a dispute that we cannot settle directly with a client we recommend using the following Alternative Dispute Resolution provider: 

Name: Edward Hayes Lawyers


Why we recommend using ADR rather than issue court proceedings

  • ADR procedures are often completed more quickly than court proceedings and can be completed very quickly indeed
  • Costs are often lower as you cannot normally recover lawyers' fees as part of a 'small claim' (which is any claim valued below £10,000)
  • ADR procedures are often completed in private and conducted confidentially, avoiding the pressure that comes from going to court
  • In some types of ADR (such as mediation) the parties to the dispute decide the outcome themselves rather than having it imposed on them
  • ADR procedures can be more flexible in terms of their outcome and in terms of whether and how they apply strict rules of law. It may therefore be possible to achieve outcomes that a court could not order, or to get a result that the parties think is fairer than that dictated by law
  • ADR procedures can be less confrontational or adversarial than court proceedings. Not only can this again reduce stress, it can also be an important consideration when the parties know that they want to have, or must have, an ongoing relationship
  • Failing to consider ADR can be penalised by the court