Annual Trust Minutes

In line with the increased aging population and the strain that this is putting on local Authorities to fund care in old age, we constantly strive to ensure that our Trust strategies are robust and fit for purpose not just now but in the future also.

Part of this ‘’belts and braces’’ approach is to ensure that there are no gaps in our protection strategies and this has lead us to now insist that all new Property Probate Trusts sold from 13th March 2017 MUST have updated Trust Minutes created annually to ensure that in the future, should a local Authority wish to look further into a Trust and its creation (which is their right) that we not only have a trail of Annual Trust Minutes logged verifying its existence and the reasons for it but also its validity.

By ensuring we have these Trust minutes in place we can confirm that should it be required, we can guarantee one of our Solicitors will be available (without charge) if necessary to handle your case in the future and conduct all negotiations with the local authority to a satisfactory conclusion.

Where we are talking about property values averaging £250k+ this provides you with an essential legal service in the future should it be required and equally importantly without further charge at that time irrespective of how many hours the Solicitor works representing you.

We will also be contacting our existing clients with PPTs to recommend the same from April 2017.

The standard fee for Trust minutes to be produced £140 per year) does not have to be paid though as we offer a fantastic plan whereby you pay just £9.99 inc vat per month and this includes:

1.     The complete production of your updated Trust Minutes every year FREE of charge

2.     FREE unlimited use and access to one of our expert Solicitors in the future should they be required to liaise with a Local Authority on your behalf

3.     FREE unlimited updates cover for your Will, Trust, and unregistered Lasting Power of Attorney and documents

4.     Storage of up to 10 of your legal documents

5.     Half standard list price on all further products bought from us going forwards (not including pre-paid funeral plans or LPA registration with OPG)

6.     A £250 voucher for you and a £250 voucher for your partner if you have one to use against a Silver Clouds pre-paid funeral plan (from 1st August 2018)


Going forwards we are constantly evolving our strategies to meet the ever changing challenges facing our clients as time goes by.

We have always lead the way in Trust protection in the South and continue do so with our proud record that no-one with one of our legal protection strategies in place has ever had their children lose their inheritance because a surviving partner remarried and subsequently died leaving a whole estate to a new partner, or lost assets through bankruptcy, or had children lose 50% of their inheritance through divorce or ever been forced to sell their home to pay for care.

You are in safe hands