More People Than Ever Are Getting Funeral Plan Cover;

Discover the Surprising Reasons for the Remarkable Increase in the Number of People Opting for Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.

Ten years ago, very few people opted for a ‘funeral plan’. But that’s changed dramatically for several reasons. In fact, over half a million people today in the UK have opted for a pre-paid funeral plan.

But first, what is a pre-paid funeral plan and why do you need it?

When you pass away, your loved ones will want to organize a funeral. Pre-paid funeral plans cover the cost of the funeral and related expenses. And the costs are skyrocketing.

Today, even a modest funeral can cost at least £4500 and that’s before costs for memorials, flowers, and catering which can be well over £2,000 not to mention estate administration costs and the new probate fees.

When all is said and done, funeral and related expenses can well exceed £8,000 and that cost is steadily increasing. In fact, one high street bank estimates that total funeral expenses will exceed £24,000 by 2030.

In some cases, life insurance and money saved can cover funeral expenses. But if the person who has passed away has not prepared for the cost, then relatives must pay the expenses.

With funeral costs already high … and set to increase … more and more people are opting for a pre-paid funeral plan and here’s why …

1. For as little as £4.50 per week you can be covered. Most people are amazed when they discover how inexpensive a pre-paid funeral can be.

2. Help your friends and relatives. Having a pre-paid funeral plan in place means they pay nothing for 99% of your funeral expenses.

3. Protection from price increases. Pre-paid funeral plans protect you from the increases in funeral expenses. So whatever you pay today the increase in funeral expenses will not affect you – ypu’re covered for whatever the coost is on the day you need your funeral. .

4. No health restrictions. Funeral plans do not require any type of check up or health information. Simply sign up and you’re covered. It only takes a few minutes.

5. Reassurance for you and your loved ones that there’s a plan for the funeral and related events. Your relatives will never go in debt to pay for the funeral.

6. No need to use life insurance or other monies, your Funeral plan insurance will cover most expenses.

7. Simple peace of mind knowing you will have everything organized after your passing … with no complications and no out-of-pocket expenses for friends and relatives.

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