Cancelling services - your right to cancel  

You have 14 days from entering into a service contract in which you can cancel it.

The trader shouldn’t start providing the service before the 14 day cancellation period has ended, unless you have agreed this.

If you request or agree that a service starts straightaway 

In this instance you will still have the right to cancel, but you must pay for the value of the service that is provided up to the point you cancel.

If the service is provided in full within 14 days

The right to cancel can be lost during the cancellation period if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapse.  


Unlike other goods such as electrical goods, bespoke documents such as Wills, Trusts and Lasting Power of Attorney grants cannot be resold to another client if you cancel them. Within 24 hours of receiving your instructions, our lawyers and specialist administration staff will begin producing for you specially tailored and bespoke documents such as Trusts. In many cases, they will also be spending considerable time working with outside agencies such as the Land Registry and the Office of the Public Guardian. This is why it is vitally important that you understand your obligations before you engage us to start work for you.

If you are happy that we start work immediately on your instructions

You will need to sign to confirm that you are FULLY AWARE that should you then subsequently cancel any aspect of your original instruction to us within the 14 day period, you will still be under an obligation to pay for all of the work that had been competed up to the point we receive your written cancellation advice. 

If you are not happy that we start work immediately on your instructions

Then DO NOT sign the paperwork, engage our services or pay us any money whatsoever. Instead, we would recommend that you ask our Consultant to leave you all the relevant information, together with our pack containing our terms of business, and request a written quote by post that thoroughly outlines our proposal and all the relevant costs. If appropriate, make another appointment with our Consultant for a point in the future that gives you sufficient time to digest all the information provided, consult with family and friends and do your own due diligence on the recommendations provided to you by our Consultant. Rather set up another appointment for a time where you are ready and in a position to make a decision. This second appointment will be confirmed with you one to two days in advance to see if it is still convenient and something you wish to proceed with.

We do not wish anyone to proceed with anything until they are 100% comfortable to do so. However, it is essential that you are fully aware that once you have signed to agree that you wish us to start work on your instructions, then you you will be bound under those terms. Should you subsequently cancel all or part of your instructions within the 14 day period, you will be under a duty to pay for any work competed up to that point. 

Rights of cancellation in compliance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations applicable from 13th June 2014

  • You have the right to cancel your instructions if you wish, within 14 days (including bank holidays and weekends) starting on the day you receive your Notice of Right to Cancel, i.e. the day you sign our instruction form. 
  • Cancellations must and can only be communicated in writing by the client themselves and either sent by post or delivered in person to 46 Goring Road, Worthing BN12 4AD or sent by email to Verbal, face-to-face, telephonic, text or email cancellations to or with any other member of staff are NOT accepted as valid mediums by which to cancel and MUST NOT be relied upon as such.
  • The Cancellation Notice Form provided within our promotional packs may be used to exercise this right and can be delivered in person, by email or sent by post – in which case you should obtain a Certificate of Posting or Recorded Delivery slip. You are advised to take a copy of the Cancellation Notice before returning it to us.
  • Your cancellation is deemed to have been served as soon as it is delivered in person, posted or, if you have sent an email, from the day the correctly addressed email is sent to us.
  • Where you have confirmed at the point of engagement and signature that work may commence before your cancellation period expires, we will usually commence work on your case within 24 hours of receiving your signed instructions to do so, irrespective of whether a signed drafting process agreement has been received or not.
  • We would make you aware therefore, that if you then subsequently cancel in accordance with your rights, or your executor cancels your instruction following your death, then a reasonable payment will be due for all work carried out up to the point we receive this notice.
  • Reasonable payments will be determined in accordance with our published fees.
  • No refunds can be given for any products or services cancelled after the 14th day of the cancellation period or where a client has died after the 14th day of the cancellation period.