Coronavirus and your appointment

Message from Paul Blackmoore - Director

You now have 3 options regarding taking your instructions.

1.     If you already have an appointment in our office we will happily change the appointment location and come to your home instead to take your instructions. I will come and see you personally. Every morning I am having my temperature taken by a qualified former nurse and I will thoroughly sanitise my hands before entering your property. While in your property I will observe the 2-meter distancing rule.


2.     If you have access to a laptop or other device that is able to connect to the internet and has a built-in camera then I can take your instructions by video or Skype link. You will need ID with your photograph on to hold up to the camera. Your legal documents will then either be posted or e-mailed to you for signature and witnessing.                                                                                                                 

3.     We are still happy to see you in our drop-in office in Goring. We have plenty of hand sanitiser for everyone and will observe the 2-meter distancing rule while you are on our premises.

Please call us direct on 01903 705922 if you wish to change the location of an existing appointment with us.

Be safe - wash your hands regularly – observe the 2-meter distancing rule at all times.

Where there’s a Will - there’s a Way

Paul Blackmoore