Storage and paying by dd - why this is an ESSENTIAL service

Our storage facility allows you to store up to 10 items with us for £2.99 a month inc v.a.t

(Storage is lso included in our Future Support and Annual Trust Minutes packages)

It is essential when arranging Lasting Power of Attorney documents with us that are not going to be immediately registered that you have your unregistered documents stored with ourselves so that in the instance they are needed in the future because you have lost either mental or physical capacity they can immediately be registered for use by your Attorneys with one direct and quick phone call to ourselves.

There is nothing more frustrating for an Attorney than to be suffering the stresses caused by a relative (most often a parent) who has lost mental capacity while trying also to find out where the lasting Power of Attorney documents are and how to go about getting them registered.

Many individuals as they lose capacity start to distrust the very people that they nominated as Attorneys years before and destroy these valuable documents, quite often along with Wills wishing to disinherit the very ones they love and who love them the most. 

Once capacity has been lost the only way to gain power over a relative who has lost mental capacity where an original signed and witnessed LPA grant cannot be found is to apply to the Court of Protection to become an appointed deputy which is an arduous and lengthy task in itself not to mention expensive (over £1000 in most cases).

Many people are forced down this route simply because they cannot find the original LPA documents or they have been lost or destroyed.

We strongly advise in all cases that LPA grants are either immediately registered or if not that we store them so you can guarantee for just £2.99 a month that your loved ones are ensured not to have any more stress and worry than they already will have at what will be a very difficult time for them.

Storage is also supplied with our future support package and Annual Trust minutes package