Foreign assets after death

If a deceased has overseas assets, then frequently the UK Grant of Probate has to be resealed overseas before the foreign share registrars will transfer the deceased's shares to the Executors so that the shares can be sold, or go to the Beneficiaries.

Our specialist team can organise the sale of the shares (or other overseas assets) and the monies will be paid direct to our client or or their lawyers , we do not handle clients monies directly.

In the USA and Canada, a Medallion Guarantee is always required to transfer shares into the names of Executors or Beneficiaries, the cost of which is about £295 per Medallion with a discount for more than 3. If the USA assets have a value of more than US$60,000 as at the date of death, then a Federal Transfer Certificate will be required.

This is complex, and we advise all people with these types of needs to call in and speak with our specialist team.