Frenchie and Friends Foundation

Built on the foundations of love for the breed.

We are very proud to announce that our charity of the year for 2020 is The Frenchie and Friends foundation.

As someone who has a French bulldog rescue I am naturally drawn to this charity and coincidentally we have now fostered another rescue through them with a view to ultimately adopting if all things work out.


Frenchie and Friends has come together from a group of strong women and a gentleman who have found each other and become friends through their love for this breed.

We are all very different and have different professions, work commitments and backgrounds but together we know we are a formidable force. Some might even say we are a force of nature, driven by our love and commitment to these beautiful pups that we know so dearly need us.

We have come together as friends who really want to help make a difference to the French bulldogs that today we see being abused so much. We want to bring awareness to the wider public of some of the issues that are common to the breed, that they need to be aware of before taking on a puppy or a rescue dog. There are so many puppies flooding the market now and people are sadly purchasing them without any research or knowledge of the breed.


Rescue dogs are not the easiest but they can bring so much joy and love to you and your family. In rescue we’ve had the opportunity to meet many dogs, but meeting them sometimes at the lowest point of their lives. We’ve had to walk away from some that we know shouldn’t be left but we have not been able to help them at that time, which trust us we have shed many a tear over. But many times we have seen the dogs that have nothing but a cheap collar that was bought for them that day to convince any prospective buyers that they are coming from a loving home, when the truth is they’ve been living in squalor, have been left outside, abused as breeding machines or just simply uncared for. This is not every dog but it breaks our hearts even if we know it was one dog but sadly we know it’s not the case.

We’ve opened our hearts and homes to these dogs and we have to say we have been totally blown away by how they’ve changed and become very loving and trusting dogs. Some are a work in progress as are all dogs, even our own need a little reminder of their manners sometimes, but in return they have become so loving and trusting that they really have touched our hearts even though we may never have physically have met them.

We hope you find our rescue as open, honest and trusting as we are. We look forward to working with you in the future in whatever capacity you are able to support us with.

Many thanks form all at Frenchie & Friends Foundation, where we have built a rescue on foundations of the love for the breed.