Funeral Costs Are Continuing To Soar


New research has revealed that funeral costs keep on rising – and they’re rising fast. The cost of an average funeral now stands at £4,418 – up £146 in just one year. That’s the highest they’ve ever been.

Often people rely on savings or have an insurance plan in place to cover funeral costs but unfortunately these may not now be enough to cover the growing costs. Ultimately, it’s the families that are left with a large bill, adding to an already stressful time.

A funeral plan makes financial sense

As trusted professionals, we play a vital role in helping our clients prepare for later life. A pre-paid funeral plan from Silver Clouds lets our clients fix the cost of the funeral director’s services at today’s prices – helping to avoid any future increases.

When we are helping people prepare for the future, we find a funeral plan sits perfectly alongside a Will and Probate Planning as part of a client’s plans for later life. A plan need not be expensive a cremation only plan can be organised for £1850 – or can be paid with a £250 deposit and 36 payments of £44.44

So, for just £10 a week you can now completely take away from your family the burden of organising and paying for a funeral director and crematorium for you.

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