1st Registrations of property with the Land Registry 

All land or property in your name MUST BE REGISTERED with the Land Registry if you’ve:

  • bought it
  • been given it
  • inherited it
  • received it in exchange for other property or land
  • mortgaged the property

You don’t usually need to register leasehold land or property if there are 7 years or less on the lease when you take ownership.

You must register your land with the Rural land Register as well as Land Registry if you own agricultural land.

Your property might not be registered if you owned it before 1990 and haven’t mortgaged it since in which case you can do a quick free check by clicking here


You must tell the Land Registry if you transfer ownership of your registered property to someone else.

Once you’re registered

Land Registry publishes information online about most registered property, including:

  • the name of the owner
  • the price paid for the property
  • a plan of the property’s boundaries

You can’t opt out of your property information being published.

If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland

The Land Registry only deals with land and property in England and Wales.


We register your land or property with Registers of Scotland.

Northern Ireland

We register your land or property with Land and Property Services

Land or property MUST be registered for the first time if it’s unregistered when you take ownership of it or mortgage it.

Even if you don’t have to register, registering voluntarily:

Please note that where we are providing a severance of tenancy or a conveyance for you this can only be done if the property is registered with the Land registry.

If it is not we will need to charge the relevant fee (which can be found on our list of fees in our pack or on our web site) to register the property with the Land registry so that the severance or conveyance can take place.

We will advise you by letter if we have established that your property is not registered with the land Registry and needs to be but would urge that you check this out yourselves on our web site beforehand.