Legal Document Witnessing Service

It is essential that when you receive your legal documents from us that they are signed and witnessed properly.

Over the years we have seen many documents made invalid by Testators and Witnesses getting it wrong signing in the wrong place etc.

If the errors are noticed, this means having to pay for the documents to be produced again.

If the errors go unnoticed it will mean that the document is invalid and cannot be used for the purpose it was designed for when needed, leaving clients intestate where they thought they were protected by a Will or Trust or without an appointed Power of Attorney in place, with the family no option then but to start the arduous and expensive journey through the Court of Protection.

To avoid all of this we provide a Legal Document Witnessing Service which is optional for Wills and Trusts and compulsory for LPAs.

This enables our clients to have 2 witnesses provided by ourselves either at their home or at our shop whichever suits needs/budget best and we will ensure then that each document is signed and witnessed correctly and we will go through every document with each client to ensure everyone understand their contents.

It really is not worthy taking the risk of getting it wrong – make sure you can be 100% confident with your legal documents and choose to have them professionally witnessed