Certainty - The National Will register of the UK 

The Certainty Will register is used in two very specific ways;

  1. By legally authorised, bona fide and responsible Will writers to register where their clients’ Wills can be found and the details of who the executors are together with their own contact details as the officially authorised body that drafted the original Wills
  2. By the public, solicitors and other legal bodies and authorities to attempt to establish when a valid Will cannot be found if an individual had in fact made a will and if so if it was registered or if not if it can at all be located or the original organisation that arranged it identified

About registration

Certainty does not need to see a copy of your Will to register it. Registration records the existence and tags the location of your Will on Certainty the National Will Register, so that the people you have left your estate to, or those you have chosen to be your executors, can find it when you have passed away.

Registration ensures that if beneficiaries and executors are unaware that you have written a Will or forget where it's located, it can be easily found by conducting a Register Will Search.

The existence of your Will and its location are confidential. Only when you have passed away can your Will's location be declared. Even then, it will be disclosed only when the person searching for your Will has a genuine, bona fide interest and that person can provide a copy of your death certificate.

It is not compulsory to register your Will, but it is certainly a very good idea as it takes away all the uncertainty and will ensure when the time comes that if for any reason a copy of your Will cannot be found that it can easily be identified;

  • Who the executors are and their details
  • Where your Will is officially stored if that option has been chosen or where it can be located if not
  • Our full contact details as the company that arranged it

We always recommend that our clients either;

  • Have their Will stored officially with ourselves
  • Request extra copies of the original Will are produced when ordering so that they can be signed and witnessed and given to your Executors as valid originals which significantly increases the likelihood that an original signed, witnessed and legal copy of your Will is able to be located at the required time

However, as an absolute guarantee and to completely eliminate any chance whatsoever that your Will might not be able to be located, registering your Will with Certainty is definitely recommended.