Our standard – non promotional fees including V.A.T


Single Will/2 x Mirror Wills


Brussels 1V clause in a Will


Priority Client Insurance/Annual Trust Minutes/both

£4.99/£9.99/£12.49 per month

Life Insurance Trust/Pension Trust/Disabled Beneficiaries’ Trust/Business Trust/Gift Trust/Critical illness Trust/Deed of Trust/Deed of Variation


Will based Trusts – Protective Property Life Interest Trust/Under 18s Trust/18-30 Trust/Nil Rate Band Trust


Property Probate Trusts and Capital Gains Hold Over Trusts and Mobile Home Trusts


1 x unregistered Lasting Power of Attorney * **


2 x unregistered Lasting Powers of Attorney * **


Undertaking the process of registering an LPA with the OPG for a client

£60 per LPA

Disband any property Trust or add or remove a Trustee and change the Land Registry


Conveyance of a portion of a property into an existing Trust or Severance of Tenancy or forced (unilateral) Severance of Tenancy


Change the ownership of a property to sole from Tenants in Common or Joint/from Sole to Tenants in common or Joint /First registration of a property


Unbound standard copies of an already signed and witnessed will/memorandum of wishes/Statement of assets

£10 each copy

Ready to be signed fully engrossed copies of a Will/memorandum of wishes/statement of assets when ordered before the originals are delivered

£30 each

Unbound standard copies of an already signed and witnesed stand-alone Trust and Expression of Trust Wishes 

£39.60 each

Copies of a fully engrossed ready to be signed and witnessed stand-alone Trust and Expression of Trust Wishes produced before the original is delivered, signed and witnessed 

£118.80 each

Every client gets 2 x up to 1 hour face to face meetings in our shop post sale to talk through any queries and clarify matters – the charge per hour for face to face meetings thereafter is

£48 per hour

Document checking service - please note document contents ARE NOT checked at a witnessing appointment so any errors will not be picked up unless a document checking service is engaged at the same time. if you want to be sure a draft is correct then get us to formally check it before instructing us to proceed with printing the final legal document as any errors found after instructing us to print final documents will necessitate reprinting the document for which a charge of £60 per document needing reprinting will be made

£12 per document

To make a change to a Will we have previously supplied + provide a new ready to be signed fully engrossed copy (except where unlimited updates has been taken in which case it’s free)

£118.80 per Will

To make a change to a Trust document we have previously supplied + provide a new ready to be signed fully engrossed copy or deed (except where unlimited updates has been taken in which case it’s free)

£238.80 per Trust

Registration of your Wills with Certainty The National Wills Register (per person)


Express document production and courier service 24hours/48 hours (Mon – Fri). If a Saturday or Sunday is incorporated these fees are doubled. Service period is from instruction to receipt of draft by the client – NOT the engrossed document as this is open to amendments which would protract production


Amending and reprinting LPA documents after they have been approved (except where unlimited updates has been taken)

£60 per LPA

Legally and professionally certified copies of LPA documents

£24 per LPA

Sending any documents by Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery (one payment at order covers unlimited postage using this method) – otherwise payment each time


To provide witnessing service for a client and to oversee the whole signing and witnessing process and go through all the final documents explaining where necessary the meanings of clauses and phrases within the documents – our office/client’s home*

£30/£60 or £15/£30 if original order paid by BACS

Probate service hourly without a future probate certificate of guarantee in place or without having paid our engagement fee guaranteeing 1.75% of the estate value would be charged


Probate service with a certificate of guarantee in place

2.1% of estate value min fee £1800

Future probate certificate of guarantee for the estates of non-clients that are still alive


Executors without a certificate of guarantee engaging us to conduct probate after the death of a testator at the guaranteed 1.75% + v.a.t. rate

£1800 engagement fee then 2.1 % of the estate value

Provision of information under the Data Protection Act

£12 per person

Production of Annual Trust Minutes (1 off)/or by monthly dd inc unlimited updates/storage


Advanced Directive to go alongside a Lasting Power of Attorney

£34.80 (single) £58.80 (couple)

Simple reprinting of an LPA with no amendments

£18 per LPA

To be appointed as sole attorney on a registered/unregistered LPA


To be appointed as a joint attorney on a registered LPA/unregistered


Upgrade from sole attorney on an unregistered LPA to a sole attorney on a registered LPA


Upgrade from joint attorney on an unregistered LPA to joint attorney on a reg LPA


To act as attorney in any capacity

£250 for up to 10 hours per month -£150 for next 10 hours per month -  £100 for each block of up to 10 hours thereafter

For an officer of the company to act as a Trustee

2.5% of the fund per officer initial appointment charge and 1.25% of the fund per officer annually in advance

Booking a 3rd appointment where previous 2 appointments have been cancelled by client

£25 non-returnable deposit but deducted from any purchase



There is no contractual period on Priority Client Insurance or Annual Trust Minutes, however if a free update has been supplied and the service has been cancelled before 12 payments have been made the difference between what has been paid and the total that which would have been paid had 12 payments been made will be charged.


*If LPAs are being produced whether registered or unregistered then it is mandatory that one of our Legal Document Witnessing options is chosen – this is because of the enormous impact getting it wrong can have in the future.


** If LPAs are being produced and not being registered then it is strongly advised we store them – this is to ensure the minute that they are needed we can be called to get them registered eliminating the risk of them being mislaid or lost and not being able to be registered and used