A recent survey has revealed that over half of people have never updated their will.

The online poll conducted by firm Taylor & Emmet indicated that while many people had started to recognise the importance of writing a Will initially, they were completely unaware of the importance and need of reviewing them regularly.

Marriage is a big issue.

There are a lot of couples out there that made a will together before they married, perhaps when they bought a house together, or had children, but don’t realise that getting married automatically invalidates any existing wills.

Also as estates fluctuate in value, people need to make sure their will is consistent with their finances. As wealth increases, so does the impact of inheritance tax, which means careful planning is needed to take advantage of available exemptions and allowances.

Thy Will Be Done automatically contact our clients every 5 years to see if they need to update their Will or need extra advice on new products and services.