Advice for clients after purchasing a Property Probate Trust (PPT)

  • Land Registry documents will usually be issued within 28 days of your instruction to us. These will need to be signed by all Trustees and sent back immediately by recorded delivery to ourselves.
  • Evidence proving name and address (such as a driving licence on its own or a passport together with a utility bill no more than 6 months old) will be required by our solicitor for each Trustee, together with a passport-sized photograph of each Trustee taken within the last 3 months. All of these documents will need to be independently certified by a notary or solicitor chosen by yourselves before our solicitor receives them. Please note: a notary or solicitor will usually charge you for this service.
  • If you have elected to have our witnessing service at home or in our shop, then all final documents (Wills, Trusts and LPAs) will be available at the same time for signing and witnessing, once you have arranged an appropriate and convenient appointment for yourselves, Trustees and attorneys to sit down with our witnessing team and go through the signing and witnessing service at your chosen location. This appointment must be within 3 months of you having signed the Land Registry documents as that is the maximum time period allowed by the Land Registry to complete the conveyance.
  • If however, you have chosen to collect your documents from our shop or have elected to have them sent to you by recorded delivery, and are therefore intending to sign them and have them witnessed independently, we will send your Property Probate Trust (PPT) to you first. This is because  you only have 3 months from the date that you have signed the Land Registry forms to complete the conveyance – it is therefore imperative that you sign the Trust together with your Trustees, and have these signatures witnessed as soon as possible after receiving them from us, and notify us as soon as this has happened. (You can call us on 01903 905851 to leave us this detail)
  • Once we have received all of the completed land registry forms (and in the case referred to above, the date of the signed PPT) we can complete the conveyance. You will receive a letter from us confirming that the conveyance of your property into the Trust has been completed.
  • If any of your circumstances change, please contact us at our shop to let us know and we can advise how to proceed.