Pre-paid funeral plans

If you live in Worthing or the wider Sussex area and have thought about a pre-paid funeral plan, you should give Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd a call.

Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd specialise in pre-paid funeral plans through our partners Golden Leaves.

A standard plan will cost just £3199 and a simple plan can be paid over 5 years at £15 a week if needed.

The benefit of a funeral plan is

  1. Takes all the worry and hassle away from your nearest and dearest
  2. Takes away the financial burden from those that love you
  3. Ensures your wishes are known and implemented
  4. Saves money as the price you pay today guarantees your funeral expenses will be covered whenever they are ultimately needed
  5. The extremely respected Merrill Lynch and Quilters are the professional fund managers
  6. Your money is safe in a UK Trust that is audited annually so your funds will never be at risk
  7. Guaranteed acceptance – no age or health restrictions
  8. 8.   Registered with the Funeral Plan Authority (FPA) and the national association of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
  9. No credit checks needed for the monthly payment plan

With the costs of funerals having risen 61% in the last 7 years and our savings growing at the lowest rate for decades that which we thought would be sufficient to cover our funeral costs may in fact be woefully short.

So now really could be the correct time to consider making your funeral plans simply and effectively with a per-paid funeral plan from Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd