Response to Harry Brennan at the Sunday Telegraph re piece on5th May2019

It would appear that Mr Brennan simply couldn’t find anything even vaguely newsworthy to write about this week so took space in a national newspaper to write a complete non-story about a little firm in worthing only serving the Sussex area.

Probate fees are due to rise by 3770% the piece accurately quotes and it is a fact.

All property in trusts will completely avoid these fees the piece accurately quotes and again it is a fact.

Why on earth would you then not act now while you can to set up a trust to avoid these fees if the cost of doing so is less then the fees your estate is going to be charged?

It’s an absolute no brainer!

The piece states that Richard Bates at Cognitive Law says the trusts were expensive.

Compared to what Richard?

Cognitive law’s website gives no indication that they understand or use these types of trust, let alone have a fee for them.

Their firm’s charges however are quoted as;

"Most estates tend to take around 20 and 30 hours work at £245 per hour. This generic cost indication gives rise to figures of around £5,000 and £7,500 plus vat and disbursements’’

That’s potentially £9000 folks on top of up to £6000 in probate fees (that would need to be charged before hand) – a massive potential £15,000 for your children to have to cough up!!

If you put in place a probate trust which if you pay by card or bank transfer is £1995 inc v.a.t then

A) Those probate fees could well be £0

B) The fees of a solicitor conducting probate would be significantly reduced as there would be no property whatsoever to deal with.

Finally, Harry goes on to say Countrywide are an Estate Agent.

No Harry, wrong Countrywide!!!

The Countrywide we use are a tax and trust corporation, who are an excellent provider of legal support services.

They themselves have nothing whatsoever to do with our marketing but would be the 1st to highlight the benefit of using trusts of which avoiding paying any fees associated with probate on any assets within a trust would be high up on the list.

So don’t listen to those out there:

1. Who don’t understand the complexities and benefits of trusts

2. Who have an agenda to stop you using them (so they can hit you for £1000s in fees themselves to conduct the probate on your estate)

3. Who are part of an old regime that does not want things to change so their legal cartel can continue to charge exorbitant legal fees for preparing wills and powers of attorney and probate


4. Seek to gag, harm and even put out of business any company who chooses to challenge the established regime and dares to tell the general public that there is another way, a cheaper way and a way that they and their family can be more in control and keep more of their money for themselves.

I’m Paul Blackmoore and I’m proud to be rattling the tree of the establishment with products and services that empower the average man, not impoverish him and are there for everyone to benefit from and not just the rich

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