All Wills, Will Trusts, and Lasting Power of Attorney grants are provided by College of Will Writers and Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation trained Wills and Trust specialist, Paul Blackmoore

Stand-alone Probate Trusts, certain other Discretionary Trusts and the reserved aspects of conveyancing together with severance of tenancy arrangements have been/are provided by Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation, Trust docs and other specialist Solicitors as required working in compliance with the Legal Services Act 2007.

Interest free payments can be made over 4 months on the balance left on all initial purchases over £400 where a 50% deposit has been paid

Interest free payments can be made over 12 months on the balance left on all initial purchases over £800 where a minimum of 10% deposit has been paid. 


One of our advisors will meet with you without any charge or obligation and will listen to the wishes and the concerns that you have regarding your estate planning and will go through with you who we are, how we operate and what you can expect in terms of our service and fees and will recommend certain products and packages to ensure that all your wishes are met and you are completely protected in all areasIt is quite common at this point for our advisor  to recommend a number of packages to you for consideration which could range in price from £100s to £1000s. Clients are under no obligation whatsoever to take any of our packages and are free, should they wish, to simply opt for a basic Will instead. Clients are always free to choose as many or as few of our recommendations as they see fit. If at the end of this initial meeting you decide that you would like to proceed with an instruction for a Will or another one of our products or packages our advisor will take your instructions and payment there and then. If you would like time to consider your options our advisor will make a second appointment with you to come back at a convenient time to take your instructions from you. At the second appointment (or first if you have elected not to have a 2nd appointment and have decided to proceed straight away) you can tell our advisor what option you have decided to proceed with and they will then take down all the relevant information required from you to enable the initial draft for your chosen products to be commenced (which will usually within 24 hours of instruction) after which they will ask for the appropriate payment which can be paid by cash, bank transfer, debit/credit card or a deposit and up to 12 month's interest free credit.. Your initial draft documents will usually be received by you between 2 and 5 days after our advisor’s final visit depending on the complexity of your case and the number of external agencies involved.  At this stage you are free to amend all drafts as many times as is required until such time as you are happy with their contents. Once you have indicated that the content of your documents is acceptable to you they will be sent for printing.  When ready to be signed, if you have paid for a Will witnessing service you will be called and advised that your documents are ready and will be asked to arrange a convenient time to attend our office with any elected Trustees or Attorneys to ensure that all documents are signed and witnessed correctly. If you have not ordered this service then your documents will be ready to collect or can be sent to you by recorded delivery highlighting where you and your own witnesses should sign (there is usually a fee to pay if you wish your documents to be sent by this method).  If you have ordered copies they will be given/sent to you at this time also.  If you have elected to have your documents stored and are using our witnessing service (recommended) our representatives will take them with them after being witnessed to be stored accordingly and where a postage only option without witnessing has been elected your documents will be sent to you by recorded delivery and a reply paid envelope provided to return them to us if we are storing them. Documents that are to be collected in person from our office will need to be done so by prior arrangement and upon production of the appropriate ID.

  1. The services provided to you:

Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd will prepare or have prepared all of your legal documents in accordance with the confirmed verbal and written instructions provided to our advisor during your appointment(s). We will usually commence work on processing your documents within 24 hours of receiving your signed instructions. The drafting process, including proof reading is usually completed within 2 days of taking an instruction. As soon as your respective initial draft(s) are complete it/they will be sent to you to read through at which point you can advise of any alterations/amendments that may be required. This process is able to be repeated as many times as you wish without charge until such time as you have confirmed that everything is as you want. Your final legal documents will then be produced. It is very important that you understand that once you have received your initial draft documents, you will not be able to cancel that aspect of your order with us and obtain a refund as the work to produce those documents will have been completed - the service you are paying for is for the production of your initial draft documents as all/any amendments to them after that point and any conveyancing are/is provided free of charge. Similarly if we produce your initial draft documents and you do not complete the drafting process, you do not advise us of any amendments you require, you do not advise us that there are no amendments to be made and are ready to proceed, you do not sign the final documents we send you, you feel there are too many documents, you do not understand the documents provided or you simply change your mind, there can be no refund given for your Will(s), Lasting Power of Attorney document(s) or Trust order once the initial drafts of those documents have been produced. Once your legal documents are ready for signature and witnessing you will be advised and a suitable time arranged to come into our office for a document witnessing appointment (a fee is charged for this service) or they will be posted to you by recorded delivery (a fee is payable for recorded delivery) for you to sign and have witnessed yourself if you have elected our postage option. Alternatively, they can be collected by prior arrangement from our office. Where we are producing LPAs for you one of our legal document witnessing services must be chosen. The Consultant will offer you the opportunity to store your documents.  If you opt for this service, your documents will be taken away once signed and witnessed by ourselves and held for your Executors/Trustees/Attorneys in our storage facilities. A reply-paid envelope will be sent to you with your original documents within which to send back the signed and witnessed copies if you have opted to have them witnessed yourselves. This envelope will then need to be taken to the Post Office and sent back to us by recorded delivery. 

  1.  What you will receive from us:

Your initial draft documents for proofing. Your final legal documents once the initial drafts are approved. Memorandum of wishes. Statement of Assets. Expression of Trust wishes (where applicable). Probate price guarantee. Storage and registration certificates. Deed of severance paperwork (where applicable). Glossary of terms.

Please note that where required it is your responsibility to provide us with an accurate valuation of your property and similarly if we establish that your property is not already registered on the Land Registry you will need to either get this rectified yourself so that we can proceed or pay us to do this for you. Our fees for this service are on our fees page. No refund of any fees paid can be given if it transpires your property needs a first registration.

  1. The cost to you:

A full list of our standard prices which include V.A.T will be left with you after your initial consultation and are always listed on our web site, however we will always write to you after our initial consultation with you and advise you of that which we are recommending together with the total price including V.A.T. The full cost of whichever option you choose to proceed with will also be fully explained and agreed with you during your final consultation with us and a receipt will either be issued to you immediately upon payment or sent to you once your payment has cleared.

  1.   Alteration to final legal documents: 

Any amendments to your final legal documents will be made without further charge where such amendments are required as a result of an error made on our part in their production after you have proofed your drafts for printing so long as we have been notified in writing (including electronic mail) within 6 weeks of you receiving your documentation. If you have proofed your drafts for printing and then find an amendment is required, this will incur a charge.


  1.  Rights of cancellation in compliance with the Consumer Contracts (information, Cancellation and Additional charges)    

     Regulations applicable from 13th June 2014

You have the right to cancel your instructions within fourteen days (including bank holidays and week-ends) starting on the day you receive your Notice of Right to Cancel i.e. The day you sign our instruction form. Cancellations must and can only be communicated in writing by the client(s) themselves and be either sent by post or delivered in person addressed to Cancellations  46 Goring Road Worthing BN12 4AD or sent by e-mail to cancellations@thywill.co.uk. Any other verbal face to face, telephonic, social media, text or e mail cancellations to any other e-mail address, any other postal address or to or with any member of staff are NOT accepted as valid mediums by which to cancel and MUST NOT be relied upon as such. Cancellations cannot be accepted from friends or family on behalf of a client unless they are in possession of a registered Lasting Power of Attorney document for property and finance for all signatories concerned and the cancellation complies to the terms outlined above. The Cancellation Notice form provided within our promotional packs may be used to exercise this right and can be delivered in person, by email or sent by post – in which case you should obtain a Certificate of Posting or Recorded Delivery slip. You are advised to take a copy of the cancellation notice before returning it to us. Your cancellation is deemed to have been served as soon as it is delivered in person, posted or, if you have sent an email, from the day the correctly addressed email is sent to us. Where you have confirmed at the point of engagement and signature that work may commence before your cancellation period expires we will usually commence work on your case within 24 hours of receiving your signed instructions to do so irrespective of whether a signed drafting process form has been received or not. We would make you aware therefore that if you then subsequently cancel in accordance with your rights, or your Executor cancels your instruction following your death no refund will be able to be given for work already carried out up to the point we receive this notice (please refer to 1 above for further clarification). Any refund payments will be determined in accordance with our published standard or package fees as applicable. No refunds can be given for any products/services cancelled after the 14th day of the cancellation period or where a client has died after the 14th day of the cancellation period.

  1. Complaints

We anticipate that you will always be pleased with our service, however, should you be dissatisfied for any reason, please put your complaint in writing to Complaints Team, Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd (Spain) Ltd, 46 Goring Road Worthing BN12 4AD or complaints@thywill.co.uk and you will be contacted in writing usually within 2 working days of the review of your complaint.

  1. Priority Client Insurance and Annual Trust Minutes
  • Unlimited updates applies to all documents that we ourselves have created at some point. It does not cover other practitioners’ documents or registered LPA documents.
  • Free witnessing can be claimed upon the inception of the insurance however, if 12 months continuous cover is not provided after the claim then the full fee for the witnessing provided will become immediately payable.
  • All future products and services taken after the inception of the policy will be provided at 50% off of the standard list price advertised provided that 12 months continuous premiums have already been paid. Discounts cannot be applied to services that are not provided by ourselves such as pre-paid funeral plans and OPG fees.
  • Your monthly premiums are guaranteed to remain constant and will not increase during your lifetime so long as continuous cover is provided and paid for.