Deborah – separated from her Husband with 2 children under the age of 18.

"Thy Will Be Done sorted out my will and ensured that my ex did not get my estate if I died which he would automatically have done if I hadn't had a will.

I have now left everything to my 2 children"


Mrs Lloyd – married for 40 years with 2 grown up children and 1 grandchild.

"I assumed for years that if either of us died that the other one would simply get everything, but then found out that without a will I would only get £250,000 of my Husband’s £350,000 savings which he had in his own name and just a life interest in the other £100,000 which wasn't what we wanted.

We also changed the deeds on our house to tenants in common so we didn't lose our home if either of us needed to go into a care home after the other had died. We feel a lot more secure now thanks to excellent advice from Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd"


Steve and Mandy – living together, unmarried with Mandy's 2 children from her previous relationship living with them.

"We knew we should do a will but never got round to it and we're so glad we did because the house is in Steve's name and if he died without a will it would go to his parents who do not like me at all and would almost certainly not have allowed me to continue to live here which of course was a real concern"


George and Doris – married for 45 years.

"We always wanted to make sure that we had control over each other's welfare if one of us were to become unable to make decisions for ourselves. This was especially worrying for George whose Dad had suffered dementia before he died.

We now have lasting power of attorney for each other which means whatever happens we won't have anybody making decisions for us except each other"


Tim and Sandra – 45, unmarried with 3 children under the age of 18.

"We knew we needed a will simply to ensure that if we both died we could nominate where our children went to live, however what we didn't realise was that the £250,000 life insurance that we had for each other would go into our estate which, because in my case the house is not in joint names, would mean that if Tim died the value of the house and life insurance would be over £325,000 meaning I would actually end up paying 40% inheritance tax on the majority of Tim’s life insurance payment.

The wealth protection guy from Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd advised us to put the life insurance in trust at the same time as we did our will which means we are now completely covered if either of us dies"


Jackie – 42, widowed with 2 children. Owns home with no mortgage and £150,000 in savings and investments from life insurance (paid out when her husband Andy died).

"5 years ago my husband Andy was killed in a car accident. We were well covered with life insurance and the mortgage was paid off and I received enough money to keep myself and the children comfortable throughout their childhood. I have recently started a new relationship and it occurred to me that if I were ever to marry again and die myself then my new husband would inherit everything and nothing potentially would go to my children who Andy adored. Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd have helped me put the house and my savings in trust for my children so that should anything happen to me in the future if I marry again then they will be protected"