The Drafting Process

Very important document to read

This will be in three stages:

  • Initial drafts
  • Final approved draft
  • The legal document 

Initial drafts 

This is the process of taking the information from the form that the advisor completed with you and compiling it into an initial draft. 

There will often be alterations and additions required to be made at this stage – this is usual and expected. 

In the first instance handwriting has to be interpreted and that’s not always easy with some individuals. 

You may need to provide some extra information also.

Spellings of addresses may need to be corrected or advised.

Individuals may need to be changed or names amended together with dates of birth. 

This process is usually conducted by email. However, if no email address is available then your initial draft will be sent to you by post, with any alterations advised by post or over the phone. 

We will change things for you as many times as is required. 

There is no timescale on this: we will take as long as is required to arrive at a point where you are completely happy with the final draft document.

There is no extra charge for this process regardless of how long this takes.

 We will of course be patient with you and would ask that you also please be patient with us during this time. You may overlook things and only spot them later – this is not a problem - we will change the drafts as many times as is required.

Please remember though that we are human too and could overlook things as well. While we will do our best not to make any errors, this can happen but will be rectified as soon as they are advised.

This process is a mutual one so please work closely with us to ensure that you get the final draft the way you want it as expediently as possible.

Don’t forget this is not the final legal document and is therefore open to being changed, numerous times if required, right up until the final legal document goes to print and is engrossed. This means that any alterations at this stage are not mistakes or errors - they are purely part of the drafting process and should not be seen as anything whatsoever to be concerned about.

Final draft

It is very important to remember then that it is from the approved final draft, which is in itself not a legal document and will not be signed or witnessed, that we produce the legal draft which will be turned into your Will. The Will is a legal document so will be signed and those signatures witnessed at the appropriate time. Remember that nothing during the initial drafting stage is final and unable to be changed – so don’t worry and don’t panic if you have not got everything exactly as you want it straight away – we will get the final draft completed for you to your satisfaction. From those, your Wills and other legal documents will be able to be produced.

Do be certain however, that you are 100% sure that everything contained within the final draft is as you wish it to be. Once you have approved that final draft to be turned into your legal documents and they have been engrossed and printed, any subsequent changes will need to be paid for separately.