What Happens If You Don't Have A Will?

Please note that under the Inheritance and Trustee's Powers Act 2014, from 01/10/14 the estate of a deceased will pass to a surviving spouse in its entirity, irrespective of its size where no children or grandchildren of the deceased exist.

Celebrities who died intestate 

It’s not just the families of everyday folk like you and me that suffer the consequences  of a loved one dying intestate and without a Will.

Take a look at the hardship, hassle and expense caused by the following celebrities dying without a Will.

Don’t make your families suffer like the following:

Paul Shane

The HI-DE-HI! star and comic did not leave a Will. His estate was eventually shared between his three daughters after a considerable amount of time and legal costs.

Jill Dando

Not having a Will meant her estate went to father and not her fiancé as she would have wished.

Heath Ledger

Did have a Will, however it was not up-to-date. As a result of this, his youngest daughter Matilda was left out completely.

Bob Marley

Had six children by different mothers and three by his wife. Marley did not make a Will. He left an estimated $30 million, and dozens of claimants, which led to massive squabbles over his legacy causing huge legal bills.

Barry White

Left children, ex- wives and girlfriends all fighting over his fortune when he died.

John Denver

Did not leave a Will when he crashed his plane and died in 1997. His family then had to wait six long years while the estate ground through probate court.

Jimi Hendrix

Died in 1970 and the battle over his estate raged on for many years costing $1000s in legal fees.

The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr

Died without drafting a Will causing considerable cost and distress to his loved ones.

Stieg Larsson

The author of "The Girl who Played with Fire" died without leaving a Will. His estate was then inherited by his father, rather than his partner.

Amy Winehouse

Died in intestate, probate records revealed that her £3 million fortune eventually went to her parents.

Salvatore Phillip "Sonny" Bono (Sonny and Cher)

Died without a Will. His widow headed to the Court to be appointed the Estate's Administrator. Ex-wife Cher then arrived as a claimant also and a “love child” surfaced soon thereafter, making the situation even more difficult and costly.

Pablo Picasso

Died intestate and left no Will, it took 6 years to settle his estate at a cost of $30 million. His assets were eventually divided up among six heirs.

Michael Jackson

Although a Will was later discovered, immediately following Michael Jackson’s death, his mother filed court papers claiming that Jackson died intestate.

Howard Hughes

When he died, his Will was “discovered” at the headquarters of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. The Will, however, was proved to be a forgery in a Nevada court and his estate was after many, many years eventually divided among his 22 cousins.

Tupac Shakur

Died without a will and his mother had the expense and hassle of going to Court to receive even a penny.

Billie Holiday

Died in July 1959 and left no Will.

Marvin Gaye

Reportedly left no Will.

Sam Cooke

Reportedly died without a Will.

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th US president and a lawyer left no Will.

James Brown (Godfather of Soul)

Had a Will; however, it had not been updated.