Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd – Where our name came from

A little background about us

 Whilst we are a Christian based company, and currently within the business we have working for us practicing Christians of various denominations, we are also extremely proud to say that we have and always will welcome staff from all religions.

We do not ask what someone’s faith is and it is not relevant to us or their employment with us. 

Everyone is given equal opportunities in every way and treated equally within our business.

I would like to be honest though, and say that at times my team are subject to strong opinions from the public about our business name. This saddens me, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a little history about where our name has come from, and hopefully promote harmony, love, forgiveness and inclusion for all.


How our name came about

 As you know, we write Wills for people. When Debbie Scully was first discussing setting up Thy Will Be Done some years ago with an old friend of hers – who is probably the most devout Christian I know – he suggested the name.


She mulled it over for some time, and considered that with the services offered (in particular Will writing) the term Thy Will Be Done was extremely appropriate. It was more than just a play on words for her. In promoting a prayer that contains within it specific references to forgiveness, she also felt that it projected her values in promoting peace and harmony.

Sadly Debbie fell into severe ill health and because of massive staff overheads and crippling loan repayments following a massive drop in sales that took the projected income from over £1 million a year to less than half of that within a 6 month period, Thy Will Be Done had to be liquidated in July 2017 with debts of over £150k. Everything was done to save the business including Debbie and her family taking out personal loans to try and save the business. The family are of course still repaying these loans now as they were not included in the liquidation of the business or Debbie’s personal bankruptcy and the repayments of these loans will in some cases carry on for many years to come.

 I spoke at length with the Administrators of the Thy Will Be Done Ltd and the Official Receiver and was given permission to buy the rights to the company name, data base and web site from the liquidators and as I was also working in Spain promoting Wills and Trusts to ex pats living in the Costa Blanca area under the name Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd we took over the lease of the shop back in Worthing and began running Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd in the UK also. We were fortunate enough to prevent some staff losing their jobs but more importantly were able to guarantee that 100% of all the clients that had paid Thy Will Be Done Ltd to have their documents drawn up in the months running up to its liquidation each received their service in full.

About a month after the company was liquidated Debbie became personally bankrupt.

Further to this, Debbie went to Court in October of that year and was given a 24 week suspended sentence and ordered to carry out 120 weeks community service for being found guilty of making a false representation to Worthing Borough Council using a Housing Benefit claim form with a view to obtaining a benefit in Worthing on January 24th 2015.

I have made a comment below about this and the resulting (inevitable) piece that appeared in the Worthing herald later that year.

While we are a wholly new and separate legal entity from Thy Will Be Done Ltd Debbie has a wealth of experience and as her conviction was not related to the business or any individual we asked her to work part time as an administrator for Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd.

If you feel that this fact dissuades you from using us, then I understand. This is what this piece is for, to be up front with everyone, open and honest and allow you to make an informed decision.

If however, you care to take the view, having read my response below that, it was not quite as has been attempted to be portrayed recently in and on social media and no wrong doing was ever intentioned by her on that form 3 years ago, then I thank you for your belief in my judgement and assure you of our continued diligent personal attention and professional service at all times. 

Paul Blackmoore 


Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd




Response to Herald article on 14/12/17

  1. All clients that paid TWBD Ltd have and continue to have all of their instructions honoured by TWBD (Spain) Ltd.


The liquidation of thy Will Be Done Ltd was in July 2017 but the Worthing Herald only published an article in December 2017 which caused unnecessary concern to some of our clients.


Please do not worry, the fact there was a change of ownership in July 2017 has had no impact whatsoever on our client’s documents, storage or validity.


  1. Our Cancellation Policy


This is the area that historically was the area most likely to cause complaint where people did not read the cancellation policy correctly.


We ask everyone to read through our cancellation policy document thoroughly and then sign it when they are happy. They get a copy and we do. This policy is also on our website for all to see under about us and it’s the first item in the list called ‘’cancelling’’ which is on the website also.


It clearly states that should anyone have any doubts they should not sign anything but instead make a second appointment and we will write to them outlining our quote and confirming the 2nd appointment. We then call the day before to see if they still wish to proceed with the appointment.


If a client proceeds they are told that we will start work on their documents within 24 hours. If they cancel within 14 days they will only get a refund for the work we have yet to complete. Anything sent to them already is not refundable as it is a bespoke document and therefore unable to be sold to anyone else and also they could simply use the document themselves or have it retyped and we would be out of pocket.


Clients cancelling after a week or more would most likely have had most if not all of their work done by then and as such would be unlikely to get very much back in the form of a refund.


  1. Our drafting process policy – the 2nd most common area for complaints historically because many people did not understand the drafting process.


Clients are now asked to sign our drafting process document. The details contained within this document are always available on our website under about us – ‘’The drafting process’’


Clients are advised that it is most common for alterations to need to be made to the first draft and clients are free to amend drafts as many times as they like without charge.


We will not produce final legal documents until we have the approval from the client that the drafts are correct.


Some clients used to believe that the draft they were sent was the final legal document and as such complained if there were areas that needed to be amended. In some extreme cases going to other Will providers and engaging their services and requesting a full refund from ourselves without engaging in the drafting process at all. We would obviously not provide a refund in these cases and so began the litany of clients claiming they were owed money by Thy Will Be Done (Ltd) and all the associated negative Social Media name calling that has resulted.


Some clients did not read their drafts properly and advised us that they wished to proceed with us producing their final legal documents and then after they had been produced noticed an error and then complained that the error was ours and refused to recognise that they approved the drafts themselves.


In such cases some clients would then complain about the fact that we would then charge to reprint the documents if we had not made an error and simply printed the version they signed to approve thus adding to the list of negative social media comments


  1. Our appointment policy – and the 3rd most common complaint the old company used to receive - I only enquired about a Will and ended up buying a package costing £100s


We will not stay with a client longer than an hour usually. In line with Trading Standards advice if we are ever approaching 2 hours we will halt the meeting and state this policy and only continue with the appointment if the client signs a declaration formally asking us to stay and complete the appointment/business with them.


We do not apply any pressure to a client to buy any more than they wish to, however it is quite common for a client to arrange an appointment with us to initially discuss a Will and in the course of conversation with our Consultant be recommended further products for consideration that may suit their circumstances. This is highlighted in our terms of business on our website under about us. A copy of our terms of business are always given to our clients at our first meeting in an envelope also containing lots of other useful fact sheets and information including a cancellation form. In addition to this, to be 100% certain all clients are aware of our terms of business they are sent another one with our recommendation letters.


A client is always free to choose as many or as few of our recommendations as they see fit, however some clients, when realising after a few days that they will not get a full refund under the cancellation policy then state they were pressured into buying the products as a means of leverage for a refund otherwise not available under the standard terms but which would be available if pressure selling were to be proven to have taken place.


It is simply not the case that we ever pressure anyone into buying any of our products or services. However this also adds to the list of social media complaints.


  1. Trusts and deliberate deprivation of assets – Clients being told by 3rd parties after they have engaged us misinformation they have read on the internet or been advised of by a 3rd party.


We are quite clear on all of our literature.


Deliberate deprivation of assets can be asserted if any client sets up a property Trust in their lifetime after they had been diagnosed with a chronic or degenerative condition that would give them reasonable cause going forward to believe that they would most likely need care in the future.




For the sole and over-riding reason to avoid care fees.


We advise there are many valid reasons for setting up a Trust which in their own right are not to avoid care fees however the side benefit of which would be to safeguard their property against being used to pay for care in the future.


This is totally legal and acceptable and we write all the pertinent reasons in the back of our Trusts and get them signed and witnessed so there can be no argument going forwards what the motivation was for setting up the Trust.


So if a client has not been diagnosed with a relevant condition, was not receiving care already at home, had not already had a local Authority assessment taking their home into consideration AND had valid reasons to set up the Trust other than the avoidance of care fees there is no way that Trust can be considered as anything other than robust, valid and unchallengeable.

All our legal advice and Trust documents are now provided by Countrywide Tax and Trust corporation who undertake all the work for our clients and under whose Professional indemnity insurance Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd’s clients are covered in addition to our own.

This cover would protect Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd’s clients going forwards whatever happened to ourselves.


  1. Debbie Scully’s court case and bankruptcy


Debbie was made bankrupt after struggling to repay personal loans taken out to support the company.


Her guilt in terms of the housing benefit application was the following:


To answer the question – are you a Director or employee of a business with Yes where yes or no was the only option (no space was given to expand and no request made for such expansion or explanation).


To answer no to the question have you got any shares or investments when in fact she did own 1 x share in TWBD which she (as most people would who had never received any dividend from a company would ) forgot all about this fact, being as it was, worthless to her and set up years before.


To provide the wrong tenancy agreement to the council. A valid tenancy agreement between her and the letting agency did exist however in error she submitted one that had been set up between her and TWBD on her accountant’s advice to show that TWBD was not actually paying her rent for her, as she had gained the tenancy using TWBD’s name and not her own as she could not get credit in her own name.


As a result Debbie was given a 24 week suspended sentence and 120 hours community service.


In many people’s  opinion this was wholly disproportionate to the simple clerical error that had occurred. No deceit was ever intended and nothing applied for that was not rightfully hers to receive.


However, the judgement was passed and this is where we now stand.


And as a forgiving Christian community we stand 100% shoulder to shoulder by our colleague Debbie who is one of the most kind and caring people you could ever meet and who does not deserve to have to go through all of this extra anguish at this time, having as she has, lost her home, her business, her reputation and her financial standing in the course of 12 months and whose health is declining through severe Lupus, Fibro Myalgia and under active Thyroid issues.


If you would like to discuss any matters regarding these facts or publications I would be more than willing to do so on a face to face basis with anyone who would like to make an appointment to do so or you can e-mail me your questions to I will provide 100% accurate and honest answers at all times.


I urge you all to establish the facts before purporting things as facts that are simply untrue and moreover can easily be established as such with some proper research into matters that are all on public record.


I simply ask that we look for

Facts before fiction

Undertake research before remarks


Employ reason before reacting


Kind regards,


Paul Blackmoore




Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd