Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd  – Where our name came from

A little background about us

Whilst we are a Christian based company, and currently within the business we have working for us a number of practicing Christians of various denominations, we are also extremely proud to say that we have and always will welcome staff from all religions. 

We do not ask what someone’s faith is and it is not relevant to us or their employment with us.

Everyone is given equal opportunities in every way and treated equally within our business.

I would like to be honest though, and say that at times my team are subject to strong opinions from the public about our business name. This saddens me, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a little history about where our name has come from, and hopefully promote harmony, love, forgiveness and inclusion for all.

How our name came about

As you know, we write Wills for people. When Debbie Scully was first discussing setting up Thy Will Be Done some years ago with an old friend of hers – who is probably the most devout Christian I know – he suggested the name.

She mulled it over for some time, and considered that with the services offered (in particular Will writing) the term Thy Will Be Done was extremely appropriate. It was more than just a play on words for her. In promoting a prayer that contains within it specific references to forgiveness, she also felt that it projected her values in promoting peace and harmony.

Sadly Debbie fell into severe ill health and Thy Will Be Done had to be liquidated in July 2017.

However, I bought the company out of liquidation and as I was working as a sales person in Spain promoting Wills  and Trusts to ex pats living in the Costa Blanca area Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd came into being.

While we are a wholly new and separate company from Thy Will Be Done I hope as the Director of Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd to continue promoting the same ethos as Debbie started all those years ago.

Debbie now works as a part time administrator for Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd so is still around on occasion to say hello to old friends and clients.

Paul Blackmoore


Thy Will Be Done (Spain) Ltd