Why do I need a Will?

People put off making a Will for a variety of reasons, either believing that the people they would wish to inherit will automatically do so, or because they don't think it is relevant to them at that particular time. The reality is that putting off making a Will poses all sorts of problems for the people left behind, should you leave it too late, and could ultimately mean that some or all of your inheritance either goes to the wrong person or to the state.

Affording You Peace of Mind

Making a Will enables you to plan exactly what will happen to your property (estate) following your demise. This ensures that those you would like to benefit actually do so in accordance with your wishes and at the same time avoids any possible disputes between relatives.

Who Needs To Make A Will

The answer is everyone.

In particular anyone:

  • Married, in a civil partnership or living together
  • With children (especially if under the age of 18)
  • With property or possessions above £5000
  • With a disabled relative living with them

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Why do I need a Will?

Why do I need a Will?